Saturday, January 5, 2008

Had a Beautiful Blog But..., the designers of T61 Thinkpad decided to put web navigation keys next to the arrow keys on the keyboard. Yesterday, I started writing the beginning of a really interesting blog (well, at least interesting to me) when I decided I needed to go back up a line to fix something. I accidentally hit the "back" navigation key and it went to the previous pages' contents! ARGH! When you do that with MySpace blog, if you return to the page you were on, all it remembers is the title of the blog . so, I lost the contents and didn't feel like posting up a new version again.

Instead, I spent half my day tracking down how the heck to disable those keys! I finally found it and performed the necessary procedure! If you have keys you want to remap or just disable, check out the following:

It does require you to hack the registry a bit in Windows so make sure you back it up before trying any of it. If you don't feel comfortable trying it yourself, just don't do it. You could potentially screw something up.

There will be another blog soon. I had to get this off my mind to be able to move on with my frustration.

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