Thursday, January 24, 2008

Culinary Improvisation

After a successful gig in Tulsa, OK, I came home around 5:30 PM last night. I was starting to get hungry around 7 PM. We had a lot of nothing in the cupboards, fridge, and freezers in the food department since we haven't had a chance to raid Jewel and Dominick's for food, therefore, improvisation would be of the skill of need to get me some food. Domino's was looking pretty good but for some reason my body was rejecting the idea of gorging itself on greasy pizza. After much scrounging around, angel hair pasta with meatballs and garlic bread became the meal of choice.

Once the angel hair pasta started boiling, I began looking for the sauce. There was absolutely no sauce to be found. I cursed at myself as to why I chose to move forward with pasta without making sure I had sauce. I heated up some meatballs and got the garlic bread going in the toaster oven. Now all I needed to do was to get some sort of sauce going. Olive oil! yes, I could drizzle some olive oil on my food and then I'd be set. I searched for the olive oil and found some. However, it was the most putrid smelling olive oil. It kind of smelled like an old baseball glove. I threw that out along with a bunch of expired bottles of various salad dressings and condiments sitting in my fridge. Jeebus! I then saw that we had shredded Italian cheeses in the fridge! Great, I can sprinkle that on my food! I open up the case and there's barley enough cheese in there to satisfy! I then saw a stick of butter and decided to melt some of it in the wave and put that on my pasta. After doing so, I added a bunch of garlic sea salt to the noodles, added the meatballs, and stirred it all up. The end result was really good!

Ironically the entire time I was going through this, Discovery's Survivorman was on the TV. I felt like I was learning to survive in my own home!

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