Thursday, January 10, 2008

Come One, Come All!

While making good on my New Year's Resolution of going out to see more shows my fellow castmates/friends are in, I'm fighting the urge to expect reciprocation of the deed during the year.

What I want is to have people come to shows because they want to rather than feeling obligated/forced to do so. Ultimately, that's much more rewarding when one receives a compliment or a friendly handshake after a show. I took on the attitude when I started doing shows of "Hey, if you come, cool, and if not, that's okay. There will be other shows." I kept that spirit up for a good year, and worked really hard to maintain a positive attitude that people eventually will come with great success. The attendance by folks has been I see I have an even greater challenge for this year to keep my hopes and aspirations in check .

Sketchfest 2008 turned out to be way more successful personally regarding attendance from "my peeps" than previous runs. I had a decent crowd of people that came considering my usual promotion machine produces a lot of nosie-onesie-twosie attendees. I was floored at how many people I knew were in the crowd. It really helped make the show better for me.

One anomaly this year is that folks are asking me more about what shows I'm in, which is an awesome thing considering I've pretty much clammed up about them during normal conversations. I figure if people really wanted to know what's going on, they'll ask. I guess that's a starting point. The challenge now is to actually get the bodies into the theatres to see this stuff.

Another observation I've made is that I've unfortunately returned to a very defensive position regarding the level of support I'm receiving from people lately. A common thing I hear from folks I invite repeatedly to stuff and never show up is "When you make it big Nelson, remember the little people blah blah blah..." I always respond pleasantly with, "When I make it big and you want tickets to something or want to hang out with me at a big event with celebrities, don't ask." They normally laugh it off but I'm serious . It comes from my "I Told You So" attitude I've had my whole life. The interesting thing is,when it comes to me defining what "support" is, it's a very loose, completely subjective, and fluid definition. I determine it on a case-by-case basis. There are people I know of who have yet to go to a show, but I feel have shown true support in my endevours who I would gladly have them chillin' in the up-and-coming enourage I'm building . There are others who don't talk to me unless they're at a show. I'm working on changing my attitude on this but it's difficult.

This post isn't meant to lash out at anyone for coming/not coming to shows. Like stated previously, I want folks to come only if they feel like coming. The good news is that although my eagerness to be accepted and lauded is great, I'm going to continue to strive to stay humble and open to realms of possibilities. The bad news (for the unsupportive) is that I've got a red carpet event to attend for a new feature length movie and then I'm going over to Will Smith's house for a guitar Hero III party with Slash. Ain't life grand?!

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