Monday, December 10, 2007

Watching A Lot of Spanish Television

One of my recent past times is sitting at home with my mother and watching Spanish-based television. I could go on and on about how different it is than regular American programming, but I've decided to promote my two favorite shows that I don't get to see back in Chicago:

  1. Jose Luis Sin Censura

    Think of this show as the "Mexican Jerry Springer" (although it's produced in L.A.). The show is way more entertaining the Jerry since the "guests" speak turbo-tongue Spanish half the time which automatically heightens whatever is being said, and they broadcast more of the "fights" that occur. I like seeing how the bouncers allow the men to get beat up by the women by holding him in place while the woman slaps him around, how people form the audience having nothing to do with the issue jump onstage and start fighting with people on there, and what show wouldn't be complete without scantily clad women walking around in between spots? The crowd is hilarious too with their chants of "Duro! Duro! Duro!" ("punch him/her hard") and "Es un way! Es un way!" (loosely translated as "He/She's a fool!") I also enjoy how because the words are in Spanish, the FCC doesn't require censorship of any profanities uttered on the show. Here's a taste of the scripted insanity:

  2. Secretos - Houston!

    This can be thought of the Mexican "Cheaters" (also produced in L.A.). They're supposedly contacted by concerned people in relationships and set up surveillance with hidden cameras and confrontations in the Cheaters-like style. However, it's sooooo overly overproduced, badly edited, badly acted, and bad special effects (like Cheaters, they use a lot of green screen-based effects but for some reason this show thinks that cheating only belongs in The Matrix ). My favorite parts are where they show the investiagation team "communicating" with each other over internet with webcams. They show two people sitting in Suburban "looking" at a laptop then they cut to the laptop and it's a still shot of a laptop with a super-imposed video of the communication. I also like they "catch" people on their surveillance video feed "red-handedly". It feels so staged it hurts. Here's a clip of that goodness:

Well, there you have it folks. This is how I spend my quality time with my family.
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