Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pleasantly Surprised

I saw my first live ComedySportz (CS) show last night, and enjoyed it thoroughly. A few Recapitulators were in the show, and I've decided to be more supportive of my fellow actor next year as a New Year's resolution by seeing shows. I'm getting into the habit early by seeing shows in December just in case I begin to falter in the new year. That way I can say "Hey, I saw your show in December. Cut me some slack!"

I recognized both of the referees conducting the shows. I admired how comfortable they looked on stage. I had auditioned with one of them before and saw that same cool, calm, methodically funny demeanor in his stage antics as I saw in his improvisation, hence, why he had such a great audition. He seems to be a natural at this. It was incredibly inspiring and humbling to see how much more I need to go with this improv thing.

CS bills itself as a family-oriented show, hence, no cursing is allowed, and there is a penalty of putting a brown-bag on someone's head if they slip up on or off stage (that includes the audience as well!). The action is much faster and from what I can tell the show is really based off of players of games rather than building scenic relationships a la Second City. I'd been hating on CS for the no cursing rule as I feel cursing may be needed at a given point and I would hate an arbitrary rule to take that option away from me. Yes, I do understand the reasoning behind it and I agree with it. I just didn't like it. After seeing the show and how it's run, it seems that there no time for cursing anyway . Much props to those folks doing it.

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