Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gettin’ Served in 2008!

I've been working all week on staging myself for a successful start to 2008. Here's a small list of activities:

1. Producing Salsation's next revue and performing PR work for it.
2. Submitting materials to a TV network to have them consider a group of mine for a trip out to LA to perform.
3. Aligning Recapitulation to begin looking at the 2008 year for potentially two new long form musical improv shows.
4. Set up my general audition slot for Second City.
5. Preparing for Salsation rehearsals for Sketchfest 2008
6. Digitizing and uploading videos every chance I get
7. Auditioning for feature films and leveraging the agency contacts.
8. Doing a bit of touring with Wavelength, Inc. in the next couple of months.
9. Working on promoting Courageous Studios, Courageous Rue, Sphere of Influence with a true online presence.
10. Got Courageous Rue "signed" to an online label and looking at getting music put up on iTunes very soon.

There's a rumor going around I'll be hitting up Orlando, FL for work which will be cool if the dates all align with my other activities. I'm also working on family relationships by forging new ones and rekindling old ones . All in all, looks like a great start!

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