Friday, November 2, 2007

Fertile For Myrtle Beach

I did a show yesterday in Myrtle Beach for the South Carolina Science Convention. It was an awesome experience!

I went down there with a talented group of individuals from a company that uses theatre techniques to enhance professional and educator work habits and methods. We performed an interactive set of a scripted talent show followed by a defined set of improvisational presentations to illustrate how they could be used in class to teach things like "yes and", "explore and heighten", etc. Luckily I got a lot of stage time since the guy I was filling in for was hosting the talent part and participating in almost all of games.

The show went so well! The crowd was incredibly entertained and into what we were doing. It was so cool to be "that guy" people look at form the audience and get inspired to incorporate whatever they enjoyed out of it into their own lives. After the show, we got hit up by a lot of ladies wanting to take pictures with us and engaging in really great conversation (I have to admit, I was caliente! ). Everyone kept inviting me and the rest of the cast to come to their school events. They definitely want us back next year and the future president of the council specifically asked that I be in that cast .

It's the biggest gig I've ever done (400-500 people) with the biggest compensation (millions of $ ). The cast was really receptive to having me there and we're making plans for potential future out-of-state gigs.

Looks like my hard work and your support has paid off!

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