Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Be A Part of History! Visit A Studio!

Static Republic is gearing up to recording some songs this month, and I've been looking at a few studios around town to be able to track my drums in. One of the studios I hit up was Chicago Recording Company located in downtown Chicago. I walked into the building this morning expecting it to be a wham-bam-thank-you-mang type deal where they show me the rooms and that's it. I got more than I bargained for.

I ended up being hosted by one of the senior engineers there Rob who gave me a tour of their beautiful main studios. He asked me what I was working on and I said, "Well, we're working on a three track demo and we want to get the drums done at a pro studio, dump them into Sonar, then finish up the tracking elsewhere." We then hit it off talking about how bands can really screw themselves over be trying to be bigger than they really are by pushing out material too quickly or before they're ready. I gave him a breakdown synopsis of where the music industry has gone from the 1950's till today and how it's come full circle with badsn starting to put out singles again instead of full-blown albums as the buying consumer, aged 12-early 20s, isn't really interested in buying full records anymore since there is so much schlock out there. I felt really comfortable that he knew what he was talking about and that gave me a more at-ease feeling.

We then touched a bit on my favorite band, Smashing Pumpkins, who basically take up residencies at CRC when making records. Knowing this full and well, I asked him about how some of the records were made and he shared some information like where the drums were setup and how they miked them as well as stuff like using tape vs. digital, bit-rate discussions, analog-to-digital conversation rates, DegiDesign flubs, and budgets and business management. It was all really insightful, humbling, and incredibly exciting to BS with someone knowledgeable and experienced in a field I really enjoy!

At this point it's uncertain where the tracks will ultimately be done. I'm just happy I decided to take time out of my schedule to visit the place where musical history was made .

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