Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On-Screen Sadism

I know that the best writers and producers are employed by the Maury Povich Show. They feature the best that society has to offer such as men and women trying to figure out who are the fathers of the countless of bastard children are out there, exploiting overweight children by dressing them up in clothing that features how fat they are, and my personal favorite, phobias.

Today's special tagline is "I'm terrified of gum, crabs, and balloons." I just watched a woman run in "horror" when a bowl of Jello was brought out. Call me cynical but I don't believe that anyone on these shows truly have the phobias since they're able to "cure" these phobias in the span of a 3-hour taping. The best part is that they show footage or sounds of regarding each phobia trying to have their guests confront their phobias. This one lady was scared of chickens, so, when they confronted her, they had live chickens around, buckets of friend chicken, played chicken sounds, and even had guys dressed up in chicken costumes surrounding her.

Talk about cruel TV.

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