Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 4 in San Diego: Keep Him Off My Wave!

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Yesterday was an occasion where another life milestone was met.

I woke up early to go over my lines for the this weekends Brownco show while the wifey sept in a bit. I got a bit of breakfast and worked my lines over in the lobby. Two elderly ladies watched me talking to myself for a good hour until the wifey showed up for breakfast and pulled me away. They asked me if I was studying for a test or something. I told them politely "No. Actually, I'm an actor and I rehearsing my lines for an upcoming show." They laughed and said they enjoyed watching me talk to myself and act things out.

We then packed up the rental car and hit Mission Beach again. The temperature outside was great and it was clear and sunny. We stopped by Ray's Rentals and got ourselves wetsuits, a surfboard, and a body board. After putting on my suit, we got to a spot on the beach where the waves looked good, and dropped all of our stuff on the beach. It took us a while to figure out how to properly put on the wetsuit. I have a propensity of putting things on backwards . I hit the perpetual 65° water and tried out my wetsuit. I was warm! Whoo hoo! Well, until the water got over my head adn down into my suit. However, it wasn't too shocking unlike the day I went without one. So, lesson learned: Do not go into cold water without a wetsuit if you can help it otherwise you'll get hypothermic and want to snuggle up with a radiator!

In the morning I had watched a set of pretty decent how-to surf videos online. They prepped me for the day's activities. Time to put those lessons to good use. I plopped my board on the sand and got used to laying on it and popping myself up like I had learned in the video. Here's a good action shot:

After a few pop-up trials, I figured that it was time to try it in the water. It was a harrowing experience! The amount of strength and dexterity that one needs to fight the waves to get out to where they are, then to turn around, and ride the waves back either on or off the board is tremendous. I was constantly out of breath or strength the whole time . This was the usual type of scenery with me on the board riding it in:

However, after many trials and tribulations that day, I did manage to get up 1.5 times on the board and ride the wave! Whoo hoo! I've always wanted to do that and got to do it, finally! No pictures of the historic moment, however, I'm going back out today to try to snap some up.

At the end of the day, I was really tired and bruised up but happy that I finally surfed.

We got out of the water around 5:30 PM and returned all of our rental equipment. We headed back to the hotel for some R&R in the hot tub to warm ourselves up and massage our weary muscles. After that, we zonked out at around 9 PM PT. We're party animals!
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