Monday, August 27, 2007

Vick Gets Bit

Michael Vick pleaded guilty to funding the Bad Newz Kennel and the gambling associated with the operation as well as him being a part of the enterprise responsible for killing dogs that underperformed or were not fit to participate in fights.

Michael, c'mon dude. If you're a part of the "Bad Newz Kennel", what did you think was gonna be the outcome of your courtcase? You're not a part of the "Gonnsta Get Away Wit' It Kennel" or the "I Didn't Do Dat Shit Kennel". You should've known something was going to happen to you.

Then you tried to get rid of the evidence? Bad move. You must've been a part of the LAPD evidence team. Even O.J. hid more of his wrongdoing than this guy. He even wrote a book telling people how he did it and still is out of jail! Dead dogs everywhere and skeletons in the backyard? Mike, this is a backyard, Holmes, not a damn pet cemetery. What? You want the dogs to be buried come back to life to fight again?! You trying to stir up Cujo? Just put the fight in the middle of a yellow ford Pinto and have at it!

To top it off, Mike's own father snitched on him to the press. According to Pops, he was told to stop fighting or at least put the property in a friend's name. WTF?! Dad's treating dog fighting like bad credit now.

"Uh, yo man...I got's me a mean ass chihuahua that looking to take on one of DMX' dogs. I'm a little short right now...uh...could you put this $1.5 million ranch under your name? No? Oh, c'mon man... I swear I'm good for it. I take it back next week, for real!"

I'm glad you got caught for the atrocious activity you were engaging in. Hope that the dogs up in the pen get a bite of your ass...

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