Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tidbits and Tiddlywinks

Jammin At Starbucks
I bought myself a tall mocha Frappaccino with an extra shot of mocha with whipped cream mixed in and whipped cream on top along with a Krispie Sqrrrr this morning on my way to work. I normally see them pimping the CDs right at the front counter, so, I check them out to see what artist they're promoting today. I noticed that almost all of the CDs are compilation CDs of greatest hits of given artists or genres. I know Starbucks has its own record label now but is the Starbucks' consuming audio audience only down with greatest hits of an artist? Will a wack-ass b-side fawk with their coffee high?

Pinche Outsourcing...I'll Kick Your Ass!
I tried calling HP today to find out some support information. I called the 800 number and got some dude in India trying to give me tech support. Just for fun I asked him where he was and he told me he was in India. Well, at least he was honest about it. Sometimes they try to pass it off as if they're in an all-American place like Louisville, KY or Austin, TX. They want an all-American town to pick, choose Joliet,IL Because all Americans down there will beat these guys down for taking their jobs away.

I then get transfered twice becuase I apparently called the wrong part of HP. I get some dude in Atlanta taking my call, and then I get transferred to some dude in Mexico. So, I got to say "Namaste", "Hi!", and "Hola piche wey!" in the span of a 15 minute call.

Why The Cubs (Fans) Always Lose
Last night while rehearsing for our upcoming show "_______!":An Improvised Musical!, the members of Recapitulation got to perform in a field off of Southport and Grace since we didn't have enough room in our rehearsal space to do the kind of choreography needed. As it was a Cubs' night game, parking and traffic were jacked, and a lot of drunk mofos were walking around celebrating their victory last night.

Theatre people are an interesting bunch as we're a bunch of dorks outside of an actual stage setting. We looked like a bunch of hippies running around and striking funny poses to set imaginary environments to play within. We had a couple of guys come up and ask us what we're doing. With a stern face and forceful attitude, our director asks, "Why?", i.e., "What the fawk do you want?!" Most of them were just curious but a couple were just jerks. We finished up and left after performing choreographed chorus numbers with make-shift basslines and beatboxing. I know if I were watching us across the street I would think, "Those dudes are incredibly dorky!" It was fun nonetheless.

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