Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Please Don’t Stop. It’s Lonely At The Top.

Luckily things have been winding a bit down (no more classes for example) and the Conservatory shows run for just a couple more weeks. The understudy work has been rather nonexistent for now (totally not complaining on that ) and Salsation stuff has been pretty quiet (though I may be going on my first out-of-town gig for them soon ). Work has been "work" and actually for once not the thing that's overpowering me right now with expectations.

For the last few weeks, the whole "theatre burn out feeling" has been pretty foremost on my mind. Last night I got a rejuvenated feeling in my mind and body. Recapitulation got together to begin rehearsals for a couple of upcoming shows and to prep ourselves for a potential new longer-form run at Donny's Skybox. It was the best rehearsal in a long while for me! It was a self-directed rehearsal format-wise but we threw down on the longer-form stuff. It to me was back-to-form for the group as I feel we're ultra talented and can pull off the more difficult/intricate musical forms. I like short form every once and a while but it's more rewarding to me to do full blown 45-minute improvised musicals with key elements of regular, scripted musical thrown in.

It's nice to play with a group of individuals who I respect both personally and professionally. In this line of work, it's rare to work and like everyone in the ensemble. I'm glad I've got this one .

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