Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reviews of The Illiterate

MySpace has branched out and has started providing methods to promote people's books. The review of Brian "Head" Welch's book "Save Me From Myself", an autobiographical account of his life pre/post his tenure in Korn, seems very well written and thoughtful. It's open to comment by any MySpace user. Things go horribly wrong here with the MySpace Book Review Club. I love the kinds of comments people have left behind. Practically none of them have anything toy do with the book . My favorite quote is:

"Debunking Brian
Okay without reading this book I can point out a few things that make this book an absolutely worthless read. "

Oh your book club is completely safe from MySpace at this point.

Most of the replies discuss religion itself. When a majority of MySpace users are less than 25 years old, most of the discussion is going to be rants about about rejection, isolation, and hopelessness with religion and all the things associated with it. Let them get a few more years of experience and then see what they have to say about religion.

As Kurt Cobain once sang, "Teenage angst has paid off well. Now I'm old and bored."

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