Monday, August 21, 2006

On The Set - Day 3

Gotta love late call times! I arrived their with my man Erick at 7 PM after a day of sleeping in, going to Second City (I missed the first half hour thanks to the anuual Chicago Air & Water Show attracting millions of people along with their SUVs onto North Avenue and jackinm' up all the parking!), hitting up Julios, and seeing my family! Our wardrobe had been washed the night before so I spent about 2-3 minutes just sniffing my clothes. I then got dressed and headed into the notorious "Holding Pen" where we sat amongst the other baggers and extras. We listened to each other's original music wherever possible, talked about SOAP, and bet what time we would get released (I guessed 2 AM). I got used for one long scene at the end of our wait where I carry in some produce and hand it off to another coworker. It was HUGE! I'm in the movie! Yee haw!

Today we have the day off as well tomorrow. In a weird way, I do like having the day off because I feel much more respect from my fellow man instead of being labeled and branded as an "extra", a person almost not worthy of people's time. Perhaps it's an insecurity of my own that is giving me this vibe and I'm honing in on it and making it a reality for myself. However, I am friendly with almost all of the cast (including the principles) but yet it seems there is a cloud of "you're not supposed to do that" hanging over me when we're conversing. Yes, leave it to Nelson to psychoanalyze the behaviors of a movie set. LOL.

I am still having fun being there and it's important. The next run of shooting days will be a doosey. Look for more y'all cuz I'm sure there will be lots of downtime

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