Thursday, July 5, 2007

MySpace In Dire Need of MyHelp

I've been attempting to contact Myspace support for weeks to tackle my problem with my blog where you cannot bring up the entire blog but only individual ones like this one. Now, I realize that MySpace is designed for the non-technically savvy folks to be able ot interface with it, however, this hampers my ability to interface with the right people simply because my intelligence is being underestimated by the Help Desk. Here's the latest response I got from them regarding my quite specific explanation of the issue at hand (which is probably a simple database/Fusion interaction getting garbled):

Below is a pretty comprehensive overview on blogs presented in a FAQ format. It should answer all the questions that you should have about blogs.

WHAT THE FAQ?! It ticked me off to the point that I made a Flash movie of the problem to canonically show them what the problem is. I bet I get a "What is your problem again?" response like previous interactions.

So, my Myspace IT brethren, if you can pay me $120K/yr with benefits, I would love to come over and help you guys get something going to get this fixed. This should be an easy fix.

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