Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finally! A New Post!

Hi Folks:

Thanks to all of the technical difficulties with MySpace and its blogs, I've been refraining from posting up blogs because it just would aggravate me . So, I used the time to do other things.

After getting MySpace to fix my blog enough to see previous posts, I took 5 days of my life to back up my blog to I really like the functionality that it provides you just like being able to blog via text message, manage multiple blogs from a centralized dashboard, and email your blog to you once you post it up. So, now I've got a couple of backups to each blog I've posted. I imagine that some day I will print all of these out, bind them up into a book, and sell it...or give it to my kids so that they can read why their childhood was such a weird time Depending on how Myspace goes with their future system crashes features, I may switch over to Blogger permanently. We shall see .

In other news, I've also been asked to join Second City's BrownCo and EdCo as an understudy. I'm excited and see this as a stepping stone opportunity to other areas of Second City. I'll be posting up dates that I get called into for the shows they've got going on.

Tomorrow I get my formal headshots. I've been growing my Hanna Barbaric Middle Eastern beard so I can shave cleanly a few hours before the shoot. I plan to get to bed soon so I am well rested before the shoot. Since I am so photogenical, I'll post up all 36 frames of fantastic shots up on MySpace! This picture is a good preview of the magic to be captured in the studio:

Well, that's about it for now folk. I promise that a more juicy blog will follow soon.
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