Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Just The Things That You Do

I've been a bit absent from the blogging as of late since a lot of stuff has been going down over the last few weeks.

Gettin' Paid @ The Checkout
The run for Gettin' Paid: An Improvised Musical closed Sunday. It marks an end to a show and simulataneously marks an end to my era of servitude to the Second City Musical Improv Conservatory. Gettin' Paid's best show was the closing night and for all of you guys that missed it...you know. Everyone was firing on all cylinders, the scens were funny as hell, the songs were tight, and we just kicked arse. A big thank you to all of my castmates of Recapitulation and instructors in the MI program - you all helped make me a better person, actor, and performer, and I feel honored to have shared the stage with everyone of you. I love y'all. *kisses*

New Opportunities
The Sentence of Carlos Mena begins production in July and I'll be up in Madison, WI kicking it with the NaturalFilms crew. The film is about a high school senior who is half Black and half Hispanic, and is on trial for a murder he did not commit. I'm excited, yo!

I just did a 2nd audition for the Second City Outreach and Diversity Program today. Hopefully it will lead to a formal offer to join one of the many teams at Second City doing comedic improv & sketch. I'm incredibly happy to have been given the opportunity to showcase my talent and work along side many of the greatest improv talents in the city.

I just got contacted by a fellow putting together a show running in August. Apparently the director caught my performance in Gettin' Paid and wanted to work with me for the show. Very cool. Will let y'all know what it turns into .

Recapitulation will be hitting The Playground hard Wednesday nights with some musical improv short-form and long-form over the next 6 weeks. Word on the streets is that Recapitulation is going to work on a new long-form musical improv revue in the next couple of months. Will let y'all know what it turns into .

Car Troubles
The Mo-Mo has been violated again. Some dumb hag backed up into the front of the car and almost fawked up my second new bumper again! I'm getting protection for it finally. Fawk this shite. All of you stupid motherfawkers out there that can't drive for shite in chicago, stay off the the motherfawkin' road when the MoMos out, beatch! Sick of this shite, for real! As Ludacris says, "Move bitch, get out da way!"

Where There Are Actors, There's Drama.
I've been privy to a lot of boolsheet drama thanks to the various ensembles I'm in. The mixtures of fear, ego, star power, talent, and psycho-analysis makes for combustible interactions between people who need to work together. It made me realize that ultimately I need to continue keeping my perspective on my life and art and avoid getting caught up in the moment of the drama, thus, becoming disallusioned and full of doubt. Life imitates art and vice versa. Boolsheet begets boolsheet. Fawk Da Boolsheet.

That's it. Much love.
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