Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Damn, I Miss This Thang

Last night I played the open mic at Quencher's Saloon for about half an hour. The first 15 minutes I repped My Warped Reality on guitar along with Sean. We played "Model Well", "Games of Life", "Our December", and "Equal to Us". For the second half, I pulled from the Courageous Rue catalog and played "Face First Into a Brickwall", "So Sorry", and the fan favorite "Hypocrite". We got all of this on tape and plan to post up mp-frees out there for your enjoyment.

The thing I noticed while up on stage was that I REALLY MISS PLAYING MUSIC AND HAVING A GOOD TIME PLAYING IT! It was awesome to just enjoy it for what it was - an open mic on a Monday night playing to 5-10 people who could probably care less what it was that I was doing at times but giving me props nonetheless. I liked putting my stand-up and improv skills to use by spouting off jokes between songs and even making up songs on the spot to the chagrin of the crowd. I miss making music with others and feeding off their energy and rawkin' the house. Then getting off stage and getting dap from folks. I am a singer and I am a musician!

To cement the feeling even more, I got an email from one of my musical heros that afternoon sharing some upcoming news and actually wanting to establish a solid communication path. I've been dreaming about that happening ever since I was 13, and it was nice it only took 17 years later to have it happen So, I took that excitement into the open mic and rawked it!

I think this is all good primer for my upcoming shows. Music has always been my first love so it's nice to be reveling in it right now.

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