Saturday, May 12, 2007

28 Treats Later

For my anniversary, my wife treated me to the ultimate date movie of 28 Weeks Later. I adored the first one and she knew I wanted to see the next one. So, of course, like any loving husband, I supported us going and seeing a bunch of crazy looking, rage filled, bleeding, running manics kill and attack everything in jolly, ole London, because we love each other and watching this film was the best way to celebrate it!

The best part of the 28 X Later (28XL) franchise is that continue exploiting the feeling of isolation. with wide-angled shot of the city, there is no one around. It's assumed that most people are dead, but yet you never know who can pop up and bite you. Seeing the area around Big Ben completely deserted is a feat in itself. I've been there personally and know how much activity is truly going on in London at all times of the day. I did noticed that did a lot of night time and very early morning shooting where the impact would be less to traffic. It's good enough for me since it kept that creepy "most of the population has died off" feeling. I feel this is the scariest part of the movie.

Infected folks running around are scary too when you don't have a weapon or you have to go into hand-to-hand combat with one of them knowing that any bodily fluid that gets into your system will make you infected. However, the true scary factor is the rage virus itself in my opinion. Do we already have biological weapons that can do this sitting in a fridge somewhere? Will it ever get released? Why on earth would we create such a vile thing?

There definitely is going to be a sequel. The film itself gave off the Superman Returns vibe - lots of backdrop information building to some kind of climax but leaving you wanting more. The last 28 seconds of the film show what we could expect to see in the future of the series (if you've read Jurassic Park, you know what happens next ).

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