Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two Fer One at the Grindhouse!

I saw Grindhouse last night. I cleared my schedule to sit in the theater for 3.5 hours by taking a nap, getting some food delivered via Jirl's Home Delivery Food Service (Subway + KFC mashed potatoes and gravy), and got me my "red" Slurpee and Kit Kat bites for the film's duration.

I won't review the movie as there are plenty of reviews out there. Of the two films, I enjoyed Death Proof more than Planet Terror, however, both movies are fun to watch and quite comical at times. The best part of the presentation were the fake movie trailers. This one hands down in my favorite :

Note: This has some adult-related material. Watch at your own risk.

I love how they totally captured the '70's monotone, low-pitched voice-over with grainy pictures supporting it. I love the "bad editing" employed to give it that retro feel. Bloody brilliant!

"White meat...dark meat...all will be carved..."
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