Friday, April 6, 2007

The Proper Way To Make A Turn When Driving

Back to school, y'all! I get a bit perturbed when I'm driving behind someone and they insist on making the commute a few minutes longer by taking their sweet time to make a turn in their cars. These instructions are meant to school the world on how to make a turn while driving an automobile:

  1. While approaching the intersection, signal with the car's blinkers which way the car is going to turn at least 100 feet prior to reaching the intersection.

    Note:Avoid being a tool and signaling more than 200 feet before the intersection. Otherwise, the blinking light is annoying because there could be multiple intersections prior to the one being turned at, thus, creating a sense of uncertainty in the driver's actions.

  2. Once at the intersection, if no on-coming traffic in the opposite lanes is present, please make the turn. If on-coming traffic is present, place the vehicle as far into the middle of intersection as possible. Be careful as to not run into the back-end of the car of person ahead. Even if there is a traffic light turning yellow then to red as you're in the intersection, this is okay. Right-of-way will be given to you.

  3. As the turn is being made, accelerate through the turn. Avoid breaking the entire length of the turn! This is ultimately annoying and wastes time and gas as for every second delay one car makes, it causes a chain reaction of delays behind it due to varying degrees of reaction time.

    For example, assume 5 cars are in line all traveling at the same speed while being 10 feet apart from each other with a 1-second reaction time for each driver. If the first car brakes for 0.5 seconds then speeds up again, with the reaction time and speed the cars are traveling, each car will reduce speed even more greatly than the previous driver, then accelerate back up to speed more slowly until the last person in line must stop completely to avoid an accident. Now add more cars to that line, and that gives an idea as to why poor driving causes such havoc in a city like Chicago.

While avoiding making assumptions about what groups of people need to read this, I do have to admit the stereotypes out there prompted me to write this blog. If you have a friend that can't drive, suggest they either read this blog or stay off the roads.
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