Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes, Yes, Y'all...And You Don't Stop!

I am getting way back into rhyming to every beat I hear. Before my latest shows, I've been freestylin' everytime to the show music to get hyped up and out of my head. Although I keep using a lot of the same rhymes (typically those ending in "o" like "ho, yo, mo', though, dough, etc"), I always end up doing some new rhyme scheme or some near, multi-syllabic rhyme that makes me grin ear-to-ear because I have no idea how it got there or if I'll ever do it again!

I listened to an Eminem freestyle he did on a radio show and am now really inspired to record one of my own in the studio. I've got the tracks ready to go. Anyone care to join me?

Currently listening :
The Marshall Mathers LP
By Eminem
Release date: 23 May, 2000

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