Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two-way Tickets To Toronto

Looks like I'm making a road trip to Toronto in September 2007. I'm going to the Virgin Festival in Toronto. It's where all us virgins or near-virgins gather together, start bonfires, dance around the fires naked, and eat lots of red meat while discussing our feelings, relationships, wants, and needs followed by a series of activities such as getting into inflatable, plastic sumo wrestling suits and pushing each other out of the ring, dressing into Velcro suits, getting a huge running start, jumping on a springboard, flying through the air, and landing on a pad of Velcro and getting stuck on there, or even gambling for pretzels throughout the night! Actually, it's a music festival put on by the Virgin Corporation featuring my beloved Smashing Pumpkins. Other acts include Bjork, The Killers, Interpol, Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse, Tokyo Police Club, and Jamie T. As many as 30 other acts will be announced in the weeks to come, so, I hope I get to see some really good bands/acts while I'm in the conquered land of Canada (as long as it's not Canadian rockers Nickleback. Gawsh I hate listening to their one song that they've cleverly manipulate to make "new" songs, i.e.,every damn song sounds the same! Then of course, now Daughtry sounds like them due to Chad Kroeger writing songs for them )!

I think I'll make a weekend of it since I have friends that live in Toronto, Second City has a theatre there, and there's always something to do in Toronto provided you do it before 10 PM cuz that's when the town shuts down .

Excellent, aye?

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