Monday, March 5, 2007

A Recycled Attitude

In the never-ending cycle of growth and exploration, I've returned to one of more fundamental crossroads in my life. It's the crossroad where I choose to decide what I want for myself or what I think others want me for me.

Case in point, in my theatre classes, I've been having a relatively rough term due to a number of reasons. The root cause is because I am trying to act within some rules I made up for myself to guide my scene work which then requires me to guess what those people are thinking in their heads and what direction they are going, which in turn, requires me to act a way they want me to. The problem is, they can't read my mind (I thought clairvoyance has been acquired by everyone on Earth as a natural result of Darwinian evolution ). So, I'd act completely "in my head" instead of through emotion and pretty much, most of my scenes sucked as a result of it.

Through the tutelage of the SCTC staff, it was beat in my head eventually that I needed to act through an emotional want or need. Once acted upon, stick to it, and commit, commit, commit! After one of my classes, I went up to my instructor and said, "So...basically, you're saying 'Fawk it!', right? Have fun and let those things you've taught us naturally come out in our scene work." He laughed and said, "Yeah...that's it!"

So, I took my FI attitude to heart and reminded myself that I am only responsible for myself on stage and just stick to that. As a result, I've had satisfactory to excellent classes, killer shows, and fun rehearsals! Like on stage as in life, I remembered that Nelson must do what Nelson wants and only when he wants it.

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