Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Know You're A Drummer When... realize that playing the drums is 25 billion times easier when you have good equipment! I went to Guitar Center today and bought some new heads for my toms since I had an epiphany recently when I replaced my snare drum heads after using a head that's been there since the Industrial Revolution, and my playing improved 50% since the sticks would actually bounce off the snare like they should! That got me thinking - maybe I should buy some new tom heads and cymbals.

I know my kit needs a new hi-hat stand and cymbals so I tried a few they on display. OMG, did they feel sooooo much better than what I'm playing now. I felt I could pull off my Jimmy Chamberlain licks pretty easily with the equipment they had there. I cant wait to buy a new stand!

I got used to playing shitty kits ever since I've been in bands and though that my cruddy sounds were a direct correlation to my playing ability. Apparently, there was a Shitty Equipment factor in the equation that I was unaware of until now. I'm one step closer to feeling like a true drummer!

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