Friday, March 2, 2007

Just Let Me Blog!

I've tried 4 times to post up a blog concerning my activities. However, whenever I touch on the first subject below, my computer crashes ! I think some Harponian Goddess has cast a spell on my PC, thus, keeping me from espousing my beliefs!

Men Are From Mars, Women Are For Oprah.
I got to go to Oprah a couple of weeks ago for the taping of Chris Rock's appearance to promote his new flick I Think I Love My Wife. Oprah treated us to a free prescreening with free popcorn and drinks. Then we got fed lunch prior to the taping all the while taking charter buses to and from the theatre and Harpo Studios. We saw Chris Rock, Fantasia, and some Discovery Channel Earth guys for the hour and a half. As we left the taping, we received The Color Purple coffee books and a complimentary issue of Vibe. Thanks Oprah! That beats getting a free house or car!

Here are some quick observations I had while at the taping:

  • Oprah Can Do No Wrong
    Women treat Oprah like a rockstar. I heard conversations about her age, weight, longevity, charitable works, ruthlessness, wardrobe, and make-up. These ladies gossiped about it as if they lived with the woman, made her breakfast daily, and played psychiatrist to her every need. No matter what they said, they were there at that taping so it couldn't have been all that bad.

  • Women Love Oprah...But Don't Know Why
    As a man, I knew that my viewpoint on Oprahdom was already biased/skewed. I asked women why they love Oprah while in the waiting room. Not one could give me a more definitive answer as to what they love about Oprah other than "She's just sooooo great" or "CUZ SHE'S OPRAH!".

    My theory is that they love the fact she is rich, therefore, powerful and can do just about anything she wants to. They aspire to be in a position like her, but not necessarily be her. They love what she represents.

    If anyone has a better explaination, please let me know

  • Oprah is a Brand Name
    The entire time I was there, I felt I was being marketed to. "Watch my ABC special on my new school for children! I did the voiceover for blah blah blah. I am sick but I've never missed a day! In my latest issue of O Magazine..." I like the cool things Oprah has done for herself and for others and that is good. I just feel that it's self-ingratiating at times. Does she have to show she opened up her school in Africa and revel in the fact celebrities from the US were there to support it? I just felt it was a little bit pompous in presentation.

  • I had fun overall and am grateful I got to go. I've learned that there is still so much about women I need to learn about.

    My Warped Recording Session and Photo Shoot.

    MWR hit the studio last week and we churned out a new recording of a song called Dust on our MySpace. Go check it out and if you like it, add it to your page.

    We also did a band photo shoot where you can check out pictures of me looking a bit goofy at Union Station.

    Shows, Shows, and More Shows!
    I am in a new musical called Faceplant with my good friend Greg Landgraff and my musical ensemble Recapitulation. I'm also doing a musical staged reading tonight at SC. I had an excellent SCTC Level 3 Conservatory show which did get taped and will be posted up on MySpace/YouTube over the weekend. I have a show coming up with Recapitulation on March 11th. And finally, my show for Brazilian Wax Museum starts Friday March 16th!

    Technological Social Retardation.
    I listened to a bit of the Hugh Hewitt Show where they had two experts discussing how technology has either hurt us socially or improved us socially. I side with the guys arguing it's hurt us. I am dealing with folks in general who don't know how to act or work together as a cohesive unit but yet are masters of IMing, texting, and email to communicate. Your thoughts folks?

    I know this is a pretty terse rendition from my normal blogs. I am just trying to get something up before the PC crashes and I get a stop-and-desist letter from Harpo, Inc.

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