Friday, March 16, 2007

Comics and Comics

I've gone back and been catching up on my comic book reading. I was an avid Wolverine collector, and still have my comics sitting in a box in their mylar bags just waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.

In my quest to meet chicks in middle school, I thought it would be cool to pretend I was Wolverine sulking around the neighborhood with my arms stretched out with fists just waiting to pop my claws out of my knuckles with the cool sound of "snikt" being muttered by me at all times. I would climb trees like a monkey trying to spy on girls and use my mutant healing factor (a.k.a, a band-aid) whenever I would get hurt on my missions.

My love affair with comic books died when two things happened. 1) Comic books were hitting the $1.50 an issue mark, which on a $5 week allowance, chewed up a lot of my income, and 2) I figured out girls don't like dorks who live out comic book characters. When I realized I wasn't cool, my days of collecting were behind me.

Fast-forward to year 30 in my life. I walk by comic stores and look at all the cool artwork and posters on the wall. I started feeling the twinge of excitement I had felt when I was 11 and patiently waiting for Wolverine #22 to hit the shelves at the local Stop N' Go. So, I picked up the Ultimate Wolverine collections and picking up where I left off with Wolverine #50. I read through all of those in a hurry and got caught up and reacquainted with my old friend Wolvie (He lost his adamantium, went through a crisis with his own wanting to continue being Wolverine, fought Sentinels, got a bit more into the Wolverine/Mystique back story,etc.).

I've just finished reading the first volume in Wolverine:Enemy of the State, which according to the comic book store owners, is a killer series. So far so good on that. So, I've come full circle in my uncoolness. This time though, I am happy being who I truly am and accept it .

Currently reading :
Wolverine: Enemy of the State
By Mark Millar
Release date: 25 October, 2006

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