Sunday, February 11, 2007

No-Nos on the Mo-Mo

Yesterday my wife calls me up and tells me "Uhm, I've got some bad news. I just noticed that there's a crack int he windshield right behind the mirror and it's getting bigger. I don't know how it got there." I was a little upset, but, what can you do?

Fast-forward about 4 hours later. I'm trying to get to bed because for some reason I am getting weird senses of vertigo and wasn't able to walk around. Plus, some of my joints were getting stiff for no reason. So, I tapped on my thymus a bit more and laid down to sleep. The phone rings and its my wife again. She tells me some guy ran into the back of the Mo-Mo while she was at Dominick's and dented the bumper. Luckily the guy came in and paged her to exchange information. Happy Times!

So, my beautiful car is falling apart on me already . Calls to insurance and dealerships are in store this week.

Currently reading :
Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment
By Michael Pollock
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