Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kings of Pain

I'm super psyched about The Police reuniting and going on tour since I've never had the chance to see them and they're one of the greatest rock bands in history. I've actually imagined what it would be like for years to see "Every Breath You Take" live as Sting croons "I'll be watchin' you".

However, the ticket prices really suck! This is definitely going to be a sold out tour. So, if I want tickets, I've got to participate in a pre-sale. OK, no problem. I go to their tour website and see that I have to join their fan club. OK, no problem. I click on "join now" and then *bam* - a request for $100! OK, big problem! And what do I get for $100?

  • Priority ticketing before the general public - Early Access to Concert Tickets - up to four tickets for any one show per membership.

    OK. So, I paid $100 for the chance to maybe get some tickets? Ticket prices are expected to run $50 to $225 dollars a pop to bring them to a total of $150-$325 each?! I know...I get to pay for the priviledge of seeing them, right?!

  • Access to Message Boards including the Members-only sections

    Uhm, unless I get the members to talk to me directly, who cares?!

  • Exclusive Police photos and videos

    I've been on Cops before so this ain't new to me (I was the unidentified brown male high off eating gold paint and running away with his shirt off ). But really...who cares?! Maybe if they provide a full length video of each concert for free download to burn at your own leisure, that'd be cool.

  • Members-only discount to Police Online store

    A discount?! That's it? I'm going to pay a bunch of money just for a ticket or two. I'd rather have free parking for the show, some food, and drink tickets for the price!

  • Membership Premium: Commemorative Lithograph with band replica signatures*

  • *Lithographs with band's actual signatures will be randomly given out to new members

    Oh, wow. A LITHOGRAPH! Well, maybe I can recoup my out-of-pocket cost by putting my authentically/nonauthentically signed lithograph on e-Bay or craigslist.org.

It's funny how much of a fan I am until it hits me right in the pocketbook. Maybe I'll get an early Christmas present . Looks like"I'll be...wrapped around Sting's finger..."

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