Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Half-Time Prince, A Full Time Man

I was at a rather interesting Super Bowl Party watching the Bears fall to the Colts. I enjoyed watching and listening to the hardcore football fans give their armchair and Monday Morning quarterback advise by yelling at the TV as if the players, coaches, and officials could hear them . We got through two grueling quarters with the Bears down 16-14. Then the halftime show started.

Prince took stage. Practically every woman in the place starts talking about how sexy the guy is. I heard comments like "He symbolizes sex" and "Goddamn he fine!" and "He's a musical genius...and damn is he sexy". From the guys, I heard, "You know he's only like 5 feet tall, right?" and "Isn't he gay? Or maybe bi?" and "OK...he hasn't had a hit since Purple Rain!"

I got to thinking: Why is everyone in awe of Prince and what makes him incredibly charasmatic? I've seen a live show from a very good seat before and he puts on a damn good show - maybe the best show I've ever seen. As a musician and singer, I definitely respect his songwriting, musicianship, and singing ability. From the angle of stage presence, the dude has the package.

My answer is that I believe that Prince is incredibly outwardly self-confident. People can sense a man with no fear or inhibitions and Prince seems to make decisions, actions, and movements that adhere to that rule. Perhaps he's an example of being responsible for your own choices and having little to no fear of the choices once makes in there lives...

or he's just a "sexy mothafawka"...

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