Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let's Get Down To Bidnez

Yesterdy I used the money donated to me by my boss as a result of him not wanting the $10 exchange from 750 rupies to buy a stack of blank business cards so that I can make a few for handing out. Based on all of my creative activities, I realized I have to make three different kinds. I'm making one for:

  • Recording engineering services
  • Theatre sound design services
  • Acting pursuits

  • I figure the more I set my self for something to happen, the more it will come true

    I think I should make one for Guerrila Graphic Design as well. I'm not graphic designer but I sure do get great ideas from other people on the web and make something of my own really well! It just takes forever for me to get something done because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I've debated going to school for it but it's not important enough (yet) for me to do it. I'm hoping I will run into the graphic designer of my dreams, i.e., she does great art, works for free or chickens, and is drop-dead gorgeous , and she will make my designs for me. I've been looking for 10 years. The search continues...

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    By Ice-T
    Release date: 28 September, 1999

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