Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Curse of '85

Super Bowl Shuffle

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I have high hopes for the Bears to win the Super Bowl. Not because I want it for Chicago or I am a bandwagon fan, but, rather, I would love to see them win for the mere reason that I am sick of hearing about the '85 Bears!

Bears fans talk about this team as if the hand of Gawd touched this team and there's not been a team like it since. Yes, they had an incredible season but going nearly undefeated. Yes, they had a lot of characters on the team like Ditka, Payton, McMahon, and Perry. Yes, they had a really corny video where they illustrate that most white guys still couldn't dance back in the day. And finally, yes, they actually won a Super Bowl. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention something...THAT HAPPENED 21 YEARS AGO!!! I loved the Transformers but you don't see me talking about my Optimus Prime robot like that after 20+ years!

"Man...Optimus...when he would transform, he would do it faster than any other Autobot. The way his head would pop out of the cab...the way his hands would be pushed into the headlights and when you played with him would pop off. Oh, and Wheelie...damn, that was teh best sneak attack weapon they ever had!"

I love to hear stuff on sports radio like, "Well, I tell ya what, Jim. I know da Bears got to two or three playoff bids over the last 5 years but they're all crap. Now, Da Coach would've done this and that and made them a Super Bowl team!"

WTF?! Ditka and co. only won one Super Bowl! If that's the prerequisite for an effigy to be burned in your honor, then prior to the 2005 White Sox why weren't we like "Oh man...nothin' was like those 1917 Sox! Yeah, before the Black Sox years..."

So, "Bear down...Chicago Bears"...and win the dang Super Bowl so I can hear the more pleasing "The SuperFan Shuffle"!

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