Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Cold Day In Hell

Yesterday morning the temperature dropped below the point where parts of my body could not retract any further into my lower cavities. The house was cold due to us forgetting to turn the heat up prior to going to bed. So, I got ready for a long day ahead of me by first taking a shower. I ran the shower with the hot water turned on full blast because it always takes like 5 minutes for it to get to the good temperature for me to get in. After 5 minutes, I tested the water. It was cold. Not freezing but not warm either. I let it run a bit more. It's still cold. WTF?!

Then remembered that weird, cigarette-like smell I encountered a couple of days prior coming from the hot-water/furnace room. Doh! So THAT'S what is was...

I took a cold-ass shower to get ready for work. It sure as hell makes me grateful for my Bally's Total Fitness membership. Considering I don't go there to exercise, the membership is now being put to good use. Peeing on my feet will be on the agenda for my daily bathing rituals for a while.

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