Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Are Jew Habby To Be On Baycayshone?! Part IV

Gotta love Las Vegas. If you ever think you a weight problem and don't actually live hear, the town will take care of that for you. I must've walked a million miles in these shoes, and trust me, they're stinky!

We got to see a lot of things while in Vegas. Here's a clip of the water show outside of the Bellagio (I scored it with Reel Big Fish' cover of New York, New York):

One night we got the chance to check out Second City at the Flamingo. I made a phone call to the box office to see if SCTC students could get an additional discount ($40 show here where it would've cost maybe $12 back home). After a couple of minutes on home, I received two complimentary pases from the manager David (thanks David!)! I recognized a couple of Chicago mainstagers performing so that felt good. I was really excited to see some good acting and funny concepts.

We also got the chance to check out Cirque De Solei's Zumanity.

It's their cabaret/topless show where they can make additional appendages bend and move in unfathomable ways, get paid $70 a head, and not get arrested for it! It actually was very well done and entertaining. I didn't realize ho much audience participation was going to be involved. Had we been in the first 4-5 rows, I am sure we would've been chosen to go up on stage and be made fun of us in some way, shape, or form. The best part of the shop was a little person (formerly known as a midget) doing some crazy flying/twisting/body stuff with two sheets of cloth connected to a harness that dropped down from the ceiling and whirled him around. He had a fantastic physique and was over-the-top in what he sold to the public. Props go to the little man!

We checked out Treasure Island's street show The Sirens of T.I. I hate to say it but, boy, did it suck. Two ships facing each other on opposite ends of the block, one with an all male cast with broad chests, a guy dressed up as a parrot, and everyone yelling "argh" between their lines, and the other one with a crew of hot ladies with dancing as their only weapon of attack and defense, square of over a 45-minute set. The men would shoot "cannonballs" at the girl's ship, destroy half of it, then the sirens would sing a song back to them and sink the ship. WTF?! Most of the dance routines weren't well executed and all the singing was lip-synced. You would hear some very strong, full Christina Aguilera-type voice coming from a girl jumping around the stage that looked like Pamela Anderson without a skip, missed note, or even pant. Even Ashley Simpson would've been like, "Uhm...that looks fake!"

We also took Lola to a large 12 acre dog park where she got her run and bark on. I wish they had more of like these back in Chicago instead of the bed of a neighbor's 84 Dodge Dart to play in.

Now, as for the gambling, we lost a lot of money at different hotels. We hit up the MGM Grand, NY NY, Hooters (trust me, the girls that work there for the most part are nothing like the girls working at the restraunts), O'Sheas, Flamingo, Fitzgerald's, and Caesar's Palace. Jill caught me trying to bum a nickel off a high roller there:

I've become really decent at playing craps...decent at losing cash that is. But at least now I understand the game and actually know what to bet instead of throwing down nickels everywhere.

OK, I've gotta check out and eat, so, look for another installment soon!

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