Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Bond Or Not To Bond

I remember growing up in San Antonio, TX watching James Bond movies on ABC KSAT channel 12 (all edited for content and to ensure the image was perfectly formatted for my TV screen). I'd watch this relatively good looking guy kick everyone's arse, kill the arch enemy, and get the chick(s) at the end. And do it relatively with no visible effort. I'd watch in anticipation to see what new cool gadget Q would come up with (of course, the coolest of all the toys they would show in passing as Bond would walk through the laboratory; none of which Bond would get to use), and wish I could be there to help 007 by driving him around in his cool amphibious vehicles or jet packs. What can I say, I'm a big geek for it.

Of course, Bond fans argue over who was the best James Bond. At the top of my list is Roger Moore. C'mon...he got be in a movie about a cat with 8 lives (Octopussy), climb up the Golden State bridge to a tune performed by Duran Duran (A View To A Kill), and fly replicas of the Enterprise space shuttle fully equipped with lazers to dock with orbiting space stations while being chased by a guy who arguably sported the very first grill (Moonraker)!

I know...blasphemy! "Connery was the first" and blah blah blah. Connery is my #3. Pierce Brosnan was a perfect fit. Too bad he got passed up by Dalton which I refer to as the "painful years" .

Now we've go the "new guy" Daniel Craig. I know absolutely nothing about him nor his ability to play Bond. Yet there's an entire website dedicated to attempting to doom Craig's future reprisal of the role. How can these guys hate him until they see the flick? Apparently 3 out of 4 "good" Bonds approve of the casting.

I am actually excited to see the movie. The franchise reminds me of my brother. It's one of the few things he and I both could agree on growing up: DON'T CHANGE IT! JAMES BOND IS ON!

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