Monday, November 13, 2006

On The Frontline

Thank you WGBH for putting all the my beloved Frontline episodes online! I've now watched how Rumsfeld fought to get where he was (and assisted in fawking up on the war in Iraq), how Middle Eastern terrorism has moved from being merely a "Western problem" into a true international problem by moving into Europe (and assisted in fawking us up on the war in Iraq), and how during the first year we were in Iraq, how the administration there fought in vain to get stuff done and organized (and continued to fawk up on the war in Iraq).

I've been sending FL links to my best friend to backup political statements I've been making regarding our national politics. Believe it or not, I don't necessarily "hate" Bush. Being the President would be a crappy job kinda like the coach of a pee-wee baseball team. Everyone loves you at the beginning of the season and they expect action to take you to the championship by the end of the term. You take some kind of action and then everyone on the sidelines who doesn't understand what it takes to be a leader comments, bitches, moans, or cheers incessantly about what was done. Of course, everyone could do a better job than you the entire time.

I feel that Bush cannot be blamed 100% for things going right or wrong in this country just, because we are a republic as opposed to a dictatorship. We must hold others in government accountable as well with things we agree or disagree with which is probably why there are a lot more Democrats in the Congress

I've been continuing to watch Sleeper Cell on ShowTime. That show to me is a perfect blend of good writing, directing, and acting. With the stuff I've seen on FL giving me a historical and admittedly sometimes biased view on terrorism, it makes SC stand out even more! I recommend anyone to watch it.

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