Monday, October 16, 2006

The Vortex

Just returned from Home Depot to get some keys made. That event in itself didn't prompt this blog entry. The fact that I was supposed to have a rehearsal tonight that didn't happen got my mind going. I'm with an ensemble that's been plagued by a roaming, yet surprisingly vicious, vortex of time-distortion that allows people to show up late consistently or not show up at all. Tonight the vortex claimed everyone except me and the director. Even the rehearsal hall we were supposed to be in had no attendants on duty for us to get in (the vortex doesn't struck them and had them show up 20 minutes after I arrived)!

To be candid, I had driven to the spot knowing full and well we wouldn't have enough people for a rehearsal. Call it clairvoyance, a hunch, or just plain guessing; I knew things were gonna be screwy. Hence, why I wasn't surprised nor angry when I showed up early (which, according to to my understanding of the vortex, is showing up on time within my space-time continuum, however, after time has been manipulated by the torque of the gravitational force, puts me 15 minutes ahead of almost everyone else. Quite fascinating! )

My interest in time has increased exponentially in the last few weeks. How time is perceived by the brain in some vs. others. As the song says:

"Time won't give me time
And time needs a lover's feel
I think that's something real
Cuz you and me know
We've got nothin' but time
But time won't give me time..."
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