Wednesday, October 18, 2006

'Twas On Like Donkey Kong!

I had a fabulous day of improvisation. I went to class from 7-8:20 PM at SC. We played a few games I had never played before. One was a "yes and" game where we all try to come up with a common story in our heads based on the words we throw at each other in a circle. The other game was a 3 stanza game with four lines each where three players take a line a piece. The first person initiates the meter and canter of the stanza while others support it while all take just on be line per stanza. It was pretty fun to watch!

I then left class half way through to hit Spot 6 for my show with Salsation. It was a lot of fun! We performed a series of short scenes each based on a word from a dictionary. The moderator thumbs through the pages randomly until someone yells "stop!" Then he/she picks a word and that's what the actors use to start their scene. We then performed a La Ronde and Monologue/Montage set. I loved every scene I was in and had fun watching all the other scenes unfurl. The crowd ate up what we were doing so it added to our jubliation!

After the show, a guy asked me "How do you train to come up with stuff on stage?" I told him, "Well, you spend a lot of money to give yourself guidelines on creating good theatre. Then, right before you get on stage, you forget all of that and go have fun! That's how I improvise."

How true. How true.

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