Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

I did a gig today with Second City Corporate at Navy Pier for a phone company's hurrah over their integration of a formal rivals network, and making the largest, best, least dropped calls, yada yada yada network in the US. So, we put on a mini-show to support this announcement for the execs and had a jolly old time.

The call for this invited both current and former Conservatory students to come out for the event, and since it wasa paying gig, lots of people signed up for it. However, I hadn't seen nor met a majority of the folks that showed up to the rehearsal and the eventual gig. It was like a freaky reunion. I watched how people were with each other and there seemed to be a lot of comradery going on. So, I chilled out and talked to a couple of guys I did know. I listened to a lot of conversations going on (I know, eavesdropper!) and came to the realization that I was quite square compared to some of the folks there. I like to think I'm a wild and crazy kind of guy, but when I got around these other folks, they made crazy look and sound sane...kinda like the sock-wearing RHCP's putting out a musical record. There were a lot of crazy mofos up in that place that I couldn't hold a candle to. Man, if I improvise with these cats, I might as well quit now...there's no way I can come up with off-the-wall characters when they just can go up on stage and be themselves

I tried this morning to get to know a few of the folks there. One girl I swear was deaf (read that as crazy) because everything she repeated back to me was incorrect. She asked, "Hi. I'm _________. What's your name?"

"I'm Nelson," I replied.

"Oh, Dawson. How's it going?"

"No, It's Nelson," I corrected her with a sense of urgency.

In a deadpan manner, she replied, "But your name is Dawson"

(Cue Twilight Zone Theme)

Another person greeted me with a funky handshake. She made her hand like a beak and offered it to me. So, I grabbed the beak and shook it. She then exclaimed, "No. I wanted you to shake my like this!" So, I made my hand like a beak and cupped it around her hand formation. We shook and she then bolted out of the area shaking her head saying, "Nevermind!" WTF?!

I haven't met people like these before. I know theatre people have a reputation for being strange and that's a sterotype, but damn...these folks sure did perpetuate the belief!
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