Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the Thirteenth...Great Day for an Audition!

I went to my second audition of the month today. I had dropped off my H/R in their mailbox at the request of the owner prior to today so he could review prior ot the audition. I tried multiple times to deliver it in person but they aren't open until Friday night (weird). They were looking for improvisors, so, I figured I matched that description.

Right before I left, It hought "what if they didn't get my H/R? Maybe I should bring another one just in case". Since I have only the BEST headshot int he world a la J-Veezo Photographitti, I had only the BEST place to make my prints...Walgreens. I had already uploaded the file to their website so when I went to try to get some copies drawn up, the website wouldn't work. DAMN! So, I figured I would just print out my resume which has a lovely banner across the top very similar to the one on this blog . So, I headed over there and got there early.

When I walked in, there were people filling out paperwork. I then saw that they had brought their headshots and resumes with them. DAMN But hey, at least I brought up my resume which does happen to have my picture on it. The girl running the audition was a bit hyper due to handling the whole thing practically by herself. The owner was on the phone a lot so he couldn't do much. She asked me to fill out another form which asked the usual "when are you available?, what can you do?, do you like green?" type questions. I got to know everyone in the lobby and the people coming in. It turned out I had actually been on the set of Quebec with one woman. She recognized me and started asking all kinds of questions about having an agent and being getting screen time. I tried my best ot be non-chalant about my approach with acting, i.e., have fun with it and thinking about the current moment as much as possible, and gave her the best advice I could. Then I ran into another person who's name I felt was very familiar. However, I couldn't place where I had met her...all until she took off her jacket and I admired her lovely shape..THEN I remember I had a 4 week workshop with her at SC What can I say...I can't remember a face or a name but I can recognize a pair of tatas quite well .

We eventually got into the room and I was blown away. My audio engineering hat went on and I admired how all the walls were done so that they are not in direct angles to each other like a real studio would do (long story short, the less your walls face each other, the less reverberation the room has). They had painted the walls a dull black and had put up some foam to absorb some sound. Acoustically, it was a "warm, blue" room. I loved it.

The audition was 1 hour and 45 minutes long! It consisted of a group of 9 playing games such as onion peel, style options, emotional options, take that back, and of course, 151 (I do recognize that all of these games have different names). I kicked arse in 151. It's a game of puns. Check out this previous post where I demonstrate it. There were some people that were unbelievalby good and some unbelievably bad. I felt I leaned towards the good category. Overall, the audition went well on a personal level. I hope I have what it is they are looking for.

Now I am home working on a musical project for a fashion show. Gotta love Indian fashion shows. I had everything thrown at me at the last minute and they want it done by tomorrow. LIttle do they know I won't get it to the before Sunday! Actually, they do know.

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