Friday, September 1, 2006

During The Downtime

During my self-imposed time off from going buckwild creatively, I've been enjoying my time off by catching up with family and friends. I've also been sleeping a whole lot more. I can't seem to get enough lately. I'm averaging 10-12 hours a day of sleep (yep, that's sounds about normal) and slowly tapering off to 8 hours. Beofore I was averaging 4-6 hours and I could feel how detrimental to my health that was. I was eating and feeling like crap a lot of the time. I gained 10-15 lbs. and wanting to avoid mirrors at every given chance! LOL. So, this month I am working on getting to the gym, eating correctly, and sleeping regularly. I need to change my habits for October so I am in tip-top form for whatever may strike at the time.

This month, my plan are:
- To get in shape and lose 20 lbs.
- Attend and participate my existing commitments with improvisation, plays, and rehearsals
- Align what I want to do creatively.

Regarding the second one, I've got musical improvsation, conservatory, Salsation improvisation and scripted rehearsals every week. I've also got gigs on Saturdays till Sept. 9th and on Sept. 20th. There's a rumor that the PeepHole may get a second 5 week run in Donny's Skybox due to the fact that it sold out completely very quickly. My guess is that it'll be in October. I have a couple of leads on two films that begin shooting in October as well. So, I am only going to plan on my existing commitments and not add more to my plate to keep myself from going crazy!

Regarding the last one, I've been exploring many different entertainment avenues (music, singing, acting (scripted and unscripted), writing, directing, film editing, stand-up, and now hand-modeling) and feel like I'm wandering a bit. I plan to refocus what I want to explore even more deeply while feeling that I am keeping my options open :)

I feel really blessed right now with everything going on. I am happy with what I've done and am excited with what I am going to do. I appreciate and love everyone who has been supportive in these efforts. Thank you!

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