Friday, August 25, 2006

On the Set - Days 4 & 5

Day 4

On this day, I started questioning the point of me being around. A lot of sitting around and waiting to actually be used. I think the entire time, I was used once in a very quick scene. I had been getting up at 5:30-6:00 AM every morning to go to a workplace where I felt I was going to be challenged and help contribute to the success of the movie. That feeling was gone. Was I asking for too much too early or just being realistic about what I was doing there day after day?

I spoke with my friends and wife about it and they seemed to concur that even though I may not be challenged artistically at this point, I was being introduced to a new world of entertainment that I had previously never really had a chance to do. So, I thought about the good stuff I've been learning:

- Learning film terms like "First position, reset, rolling, speed, marker" which will make it easier to work with me in future films
- Meetng lots of cool actors/extras and making friendships
- I'm actually on the set of a major movie and seeing how it's really made
- Busting a bunch more jokes than usual and actually writing a few of them down for use later.
- Actually being happy for the actors/extras that do get upgraded to speaking roles
- I'm actually able to do work from my other job while sitting around waiting to shoot (yes, Jaqueline...I actually do work...sometimes )

Negativity attracts negativity. So, for the rest of the night, I thought about those items and kept my focus.

Day 5

It looks like the short-lived positive thinking paid off. I got used in three scenes back-to-back with some definite camera time in each. I later got called up for osme more scene work later in the day. Its funny how I went from the depths of depair the day before to elation the next. We played a lot of Uno (my favorite trash-talking game), cards, and surfed the net whenever downtime became unbearable. We also got released early (7 PM). So, I actually spent time with my family at home for a couple of hours before dirfting off to sleep. A good day over all.

The entire time I've been here I've been studying human behavior especially on the set of a film. More on that later.

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