Monday, August 14, 2006

Improvisation Olympics

So, yesterday I detailed my weekend of theatre. Due to the fact that I was doing stuff all weekend, I came fired up for my Conservatory class. I had good scenes the entire time! It was awesome! They were all funny and a bit crazy. I connected emitonally with my characters and made the scenes about the realationships between the characters. I brought it!

I then headed to my Salsation gig in the park. We got asked to perform at the Pilsen Art Fair on 18th and Damen. We were the closing act so we got to check out quite a few musicians singing everything from Spanish rockabilly to mariachi music. We asked the sound guys to mic the stage as best they could since it was an outdoor event and the stage consisted of two flatbed trailers put together with a buttload of mic cables strewn across the floor. We spent a lot of time warming up off to the side and reminding ourselves of how we wanted to conduct the show.

We hit the stage and watched the magic unfurl. We enacted scenes behind each one of us performing a monologue based on audience suggestion. A monologue would occur then 3-4 scenes based upon information in that monologue would be performed. Then another mologue would be given. As the 45 minute set went on, we all decided to act like monkeys (literally) on stage and end the show. After a warm reception from the crowd that sat 15-20 feet in front of the stage, we headed out to a Mexican restraunt (yes, I know...finding a Mexican restrant in Pilsen?!) and celebrated. As we walked around, kids would tell us "good yob" and act members to act like monkeys. It was a good time!

So, now I'm home and waiting for the casting director for the movie I'm on to call me up and change my shooting schedule around. Ahh, I believe I've medalled gold this weekend (I would normally want platinum...but you know how the Committee only give gold, silver, and bronze ).

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