Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On The Set - Day 7

Finally the day was upon me; it was the last day of filming! Excellent! I woke up in the morning for an 11 AM call time. Knowing that movies normally push hard into the night on the last day to capture every possible scene under the sun, I found an 11 AM call time to be a little bit weird. What were the chances that someone in the scheduling department meticulously took into account what the scenes were to be shot, figured that the store workers were going to be used hardly at all, and logically figured out that they should show up later in the day? Not at all. They guessed at the time and called me in at a time that was more convenient!

The day before, Erick and I talked about doing something nice for one of the production assistants (PAs) that had been corraling, directing, and barking at us for the last few days. He was a pretty cool cat once we talked about everything but the tasks at hand, i.e., the movie, and we set up a pretty nice repoire with him as the movie went on. We had adopted our friend as "Juan Fanta" due to his fun nature, propensity for incredibly sweet Coca-Cola Corp. products, and the fact that on this film, and all Latinos are destined to be baggers or stockers, or in this case, PAs (yes, Juan is white...just work with the whole adoption thing ). So, I headed over to Strange Cargo (SC) and designed a crew shirt. The idea was to have on the front of the shirt "Juan Fanta" and a picture of a Fanta bottle or logo while on the back displaying our favorite Latinized catchphrase of "Esteefler!" above and the name of the movie and year it was shot underneath a picture of Stiffler. Well, SC faked that whole concept up for me. Although they had a lot of pictures and images to choose from, there weren't any there I can use for the original vision. So, I had to improvise. After debating for about an hour in the store, I came up with replacing the Fanta bottle with an "Hecho En Mexico" ("Made in Mexico") emblem on the front to signify Juan Fanta's acceptance into the storeworker's fold, and replacing Stiffler's face with a flag of Chicago to signify where the movie was shot as well as pay homage to the fact that on the backs of the director chairs they had a slightly modified Chicago flag with 2 blue bars surrounding 3 stars and a maple leaf. I figured it fit the motif well enough and got three shirts drawn up.

While the shirts were getting drawn up (they told me it would at least an hour), I decided to walk on down to my local comic book store and engage in some geekdom. I'm a major Wolverine fan so I decided to see what was going on with his arse lately. When I got to the new comics section, I was appalled at what I saw. It was as if Marvel lost their mind and had 50,000 Wolverine titles out. Which one was the most current? Which had the best artwork? How come Wolvie is wearing a pink sash and a bandana in this one? Is he now gay?! I stopped collecting comic books aorund the time I figured out I liked girls and knew collecting comic books wouldn't get me laid (Even quitting never got me laid but at least it was one less obstacle in the courtship process ). That was around 1990-91. So, I decided to finish up reading what the heck happened to the original Wolverine series via the Essenetial Wolverine books where they grab the comic books up, strip out the coloring, and present them to you in a nice format to get caught up. I went up to the counter and asked the guy, "Listen...uhm...what do you recommened to someone who's been out of the game for at least 15 years and would like to know what's going on the Wolverine series...since Marvel has lost their fookin' minds and can't decide on what Wolverine is supposed to be doing?" He laughed and gave me some tips once I was done with the old series. I got a call 25 minutes later telling me the shirts were finished, so I went and picked them up in their glory and was satisfied with the outcome!

In the morning, I got to be a hand actor/model. Basically, they were shooting close ups of someone hanging a picture on the wall. I was actually there when the entire scene was shot originally. However, they didn't have access to the actor who hung up the picture previously. After looking at people's hands, my hands were the closest! So, I did 16 takes of me hanging up a picture! ACTION BABY! All of the "hand job" jokes that came out of this experience I'm sure will be brought up at some point.

As the day of shooting wore on, everyone kept asking me when we were going to give Juan the shirt. I wanted to do it in a fashion where Juan would be recognize by all the extras and staff. So, we decided to hand it to him during lunch. Lunch consisted of box lunches for the extras while the crew got crab legs and steak. As good as the steak smelled, I was perfectly happy with my chicken caesar salad. So, I scarfed up my food and went on my search mission for Juan. Of course, he disappeared for a lot of lunch so we had to sit around. I finally caught him lurking around and asked him to meet up with me when he got some time. He was immediately free so I then went ahead and gathered the folks around. We first christened Juan with his new official moniker for everyone to hear. A big round of applause broke out and caught the attention of the entire cast. We then handed Juan a modified Fanta bottle of orange soda as the first part of our gift pack. We then grabbed a shirt and gave it to him and told him how much we appreciated how cool he was and how much we truly loved him. *Cue AWWWWW track* Another round of applause broke out. He seemed actually shocked and delighted to get such a gift. He was also a bit embarrased due to all of the attention he was getting and turned beet red with a goofy smile on his face I could tell he really did like it! So, that made me feel all warm and gooey on the inside. He thanked us, took his shirt, and sat down by some of the other PAs. We all sat down cracking up and sharing our feelings on his reaction when I overhear, "Yeah! It says 'Esteefler!'" come from the PA table. I bust out laughing some more. I know for a fact that there was a bit of envy going on.

The rest of the day honestly flew by. Juan seemed genuinely touched by the gesture and walked around with a smile on his face . I got to know more of the extras walking around and worked on building my MySpace friend's list. I successfully drained the battery on my phone talking to various people to pass the time. Around 11 PM I got called up to shoot a scene! YEAH! I felt greasy and hairy but didn't care. I finally got to do something else except share my beautiful knuckles with the world. I ceremoniously got placed in the bagging area with the checker with the lines! YES! SCREEN TIME! We shot the scene multiple times and it was determined that both the checker and the store manager had wrapped up all of their scenes for the movie. Everyone clapped and cheered and a couple of heart-felt speeches were given.

Knowing that they had wrapped, it became photo time for me. Below are some of the pictures I had taken:

The night wore on and things were winding down. I spent a lot of time discussing human behavior on the set with a fellow extra. I promise more on that later once I have postulated everything. Then were were mystically released! Awesome! Then the true "fun time with pictures" began! I got a picture with the writer/director of the film:

Then of course, had to get some cool shots with Juan Fanta, the REAL star of the show :

We wrapped it up, said our goodbyes, got the emails and phone numbers, and went home. I had a lot of fun doing it even though I may have been negative at times. I definitely learned a lot about myself and the people there and walked away a better actor and more importantly a better person.

Now onto the next one!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

On The Set - Day 6

I actually got sleep from the night before by going to bed late (sometime around 9:30 PM ) and getting up late in the morning to go pick up Erick. I was pretty functional in the morning but hungry as a mofo. After getting ready and picking up Erick, we zoomed down the highway lstening to a lot of stuff Erick had no clue who the artist was (gotta love Nelson and his b-side loving affliction!). We got to the set by 6:55 AM and headed into Starbucks to order up some grub.

When I walked in, one of the production guys was standing there attempting to buy a paper so I decided to strike up a conversation with him. I looked at him and said, "Man! Am I EVER so glad to see you! I really appreciate you helping me out." With a dumbfounded look on his face he said, "Glad to be of service!" I then leaned on him and said, "Alright. Pick me up a...tall Mocha frappachino...extra shot of mocha...and uhm...tell them to mix whipped cream when they make it and put some on top....OH! And get me a Rice Krispie Sqrrrr too cuz I'm hawngry as a mawfuhka!" He kept nodding his head the entire time as I laid out my order. He proceeded to the counter with a newpaper, handed the cashier, a dollar, and turned around to begin to walk out. With me scratching my beard and looking into his eyes for quite a few moments, I said, "Uhm...yeah...see...well...right...think we'lll need to work on this one for tomorrow man cuz I think your technique is a bit off man...You know...check it...I'll get my own this time and you remember this for tomorrow, ahight?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, let's do that" and walked out of the store. It was a good connecting moment of improvisation, comradary, and mootching at its finest!

We then hit the set, got our wardrobe, and performed the usual rituals of using the bathroom, talking a lot of smack to each other, and betting if and when we're going to get used. I booted up the laptop and got online to handle some stuff for work and waited...and waited...and waited....sneezed...and waited! I successfully avoided being used for the takes for the entire shoot! Rawk awn! It was cool because I got to talk and play with the people left in the store. All the scenes were outside for a majority of the day so it was as if the Latino Baggers ruled the store!

There was one kid who kept cracking me up the entire time. Through no fault of his own, he made some of the funniest moments happen by just being himself. A few highlight moments for me were:

- He comes and joins me and Erick for a game of Uno. Eric and I are in the throes of card battle and he's like "Deal me in!" We're like, "Wait your turn *&#$¦amp;! Mofos are trying to win somethin'. We will shank you!" So, he sits and waits for the game to finish (of course, I lose). We deal him in and we all pick up our cards. The card overturned to start the game off is a yellow 3. we decide that it's his turn to start so we glance at our cards and look at him to start. He thumbs through his cards, looks at the table, then proceeds to put down a green 4. Erick and I stop, look at each other in disbelief, then bust out laughing hysterically to the point we were both crying and couldn't play. He asked, "What's so funny?" "Dude," Eric replied, "it's yellow 3. What the fawk are you doing putting down a green 4 pendejo?!"

- While still playing Uno, Erick put down a skip card which then made it my turn. I then threw down a "draw 2" which forced Eric to pick up 2 cards and lose his turn. We got to the kid...and the game came to a screeching halt. "GOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled at him as if it was a wake up call at a Motel 6!

- We, being men, of course, were talking about the ladies on the set and giving our opinions of who's hot and who's not. There was one lady in her late 40s (we'll call her Greta) and another in her thirties (We'll call her later). While we were changing back into our civilian clothes, we made a comment about Greta and how her seemingly ample arse was hurting her due to the seemingly ample time sitting down. Homeboy started saying "Yeah, she's a little hottie. I'd holler at her. Show her a little love." We stopped and said, "Dude? Are you high?" He was like, "Hey! She's a fine little latina." We bust out laughing and say, "Bro, we were talking about Greta! Didn't know you thought she was latina!"

We met up with the CD and her assistant who was from Boston (Bahwstun) and kciedk it ole skool with her. The CD mentioned that this day was her last day. SO, I asked her what she was going to do with the rest of her time. She mentioned she was going to return to Boston for the first time since January and then she's gonna come back in a week or school. Then with a straight face, I said, "So...uhh....went you come wanna go out some time and kick it?" The crowd fell silent while she was looking for an answer and I began laughing along with everyone else. I heard, "Yeah...I'm sure his wife won't mind then going out!" I then fessed up and told her I was kidding and that I wanted to get a reaction out of her. It made for good laughs!

Overall, it ws a long but fun day. Hope Sunday goes just as well. It's my last day on the set!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

On the Set - Days 4 & 5

Day 4

On this day, I started questioning the point of me being around. A lot of sitting around and waiting to actually be used. I think the entire time, I was used once in a very quick scene. I had been getting up at 5:30-6:00 AM every morning to go to a workplace where I felt I was going to be challenged and help contribute to the success of the movie. That feeling was gone. Was I asking for too much too early or just being realistic about what I was doing there day after day?

I spoke with my friends and wife about it and they seemed to concur that even though I may not be challenged artistically at this point, I was being introduced to a new world of entertainment that I had previously never really had a chance to do. So, I thought about the good stuff I've been learning:

- Learning film terms like "First position, reset, rolling, speed, marker" which will make it easier to work with me in future films
- Meetng lots of cool actors/extras and making friendships
- I'm actually on the set of a major movie and seeing how it's really made
- Busting a bunch more jokes than usual and actually writing a few of them down for use later.
- Actually being happy for the actors/extras that do get upgraded to speaking roles
- I'm actually able to do work from my other job while sitting around waiting to shoot (yes, Jaqueline...I actually do work...sometimes )

Negativity attracts negativity. So, for the rest of the night, I thought about those items and kept my focus.

Day 5

It looks like the short-lived positive thinking paid off. I got used in three scenes back-to-back with some definite camera time in each. I later got called up for osme more scene work later in the day. Its funny how I went from the depths of depair the day before to elation the next. We played a lot of Uno (my favorite trash-talking game), cards, and surfed the net whenever downtime became unbearable. We also got released early (7 PM). So, I actually spent time with my family at home for a couple of hours before dirfting off to sleep. A good day over all.

The entire time I've been here I've been studying human behavior especially on the set of a film. More on that later.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

On The Set - Day 3

Gotta love late call times! I arrived their with my man Erick at 7 PM after a day of sleeping in, going to Second City (I missed the first half hour thanks to the anuual Chicago Air & Water Show attracting millions of people along with their SUVs onto North Avenue and jackinm' up all the parking!), hitting up Julios, and seeing my family! Our wardrobe had been washed the night before so I spent about 2-3 minutes just sniffing my clothes. I then got dressed and headed into the notorious "Holding Pen" where we sat amongst the other baggers and extras. We listened to each other's original music wherever possible, talked about SOAP, and bet what time we would get released (I guessed 2 AM). I got used for one long scene at the end of our wait where I carry in some produce and hand it off to another coworker. It was HUGE! I'm in the movie! Yee haw!

Today we have the day off as well tomorrow. In a weird way, I do like having the day off because I feel much more respect from my fellow man instead of being labeled and branded as an "extra", a person almost not worthy of people's time. Perhaps it's an insecurity of my own that is giving me this vibe and I'm honing in on it and making it a reality for myself. However, I am friendly with almost all of the cast (including the principles) but yet it seems there is a cloud of "you're not supposed to do that" hanging over me when we're conversing. Yes, leave it to Nelson to psychoanalyze the behaviors of a movie set. LOL.

I am still having fun being there and it's important. The next run of shooting days will be a doosey. Look for more y'all cuz I'm sure there will be lots of downtime

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

On The Set - Day 2

I got reprieve from the scheduling gawds last night. While falling asleep in the holding area, my phone vibrated me to life. In a very discombobulated state, I answered the phone and it was the casting director on the other line asking me, "Aren't you supposed to be working?!" I was thinking, "What kind of question is that to start a conversation off with?!" So, I was completely thrown off as to the identity of the other person was. I asked in a sleepy manner, "Uhhh....what?" "Aren't you supposed to be filming right now?" asked the other person. I still had no clue who this person was so I gave up the urge to play a game of pretending knowing who the person is on the phonne and socially engineering their identity based on comments and questions designed for them to share pertinent information. I blurted out, "Who is this?!" The CD gave me her name and I was like, "Ohhhhh...sorry!" I explained to her that I've been used twice the entire time we were there while others not at all. She commiserated with the experience for a bit but in a way letting me know "Well, that's the bidnez for ya, kid!" She then gave me tonight's call time of 7:00 PM. We'll be shooting till at least midnight tonight (party!). At least I got to sleep in this morning and not miss my Conservatory class. Yeah!

So, yesterday was a bit more fun than the day before. We got to show up later (7:45 AM), enjoyed better food (we got breakast!), and at least I got used more often. My favorite scene shot with me in it was a bagging scene. There were five lanes of baggers in the background while the principle actors did their thing. Of course, I am in the lane furthest away from the action. They gave me a lane with no actual cashier nor food items! I was like, "This is some boolsheet! What kind of broke-ass supermarket is this? 'We just hire individuals to `air bag`'" One of my castmates was gracious enough to give me 6 items to bag from his lot. I thought about asking them whether or not this setup made any sense, but feared they would put me back in the holding area , and, thus, not be in the shot. So I kept my mouth shut and giggled the entire time we bagged. I made up items to bag. I took stuff out of the bag and shook them then rebagged them. I grabbed then next plastic bag andshook it to get it open. Yes! I'm an ACTOR! It was an awkward experience.

The second time in the roughly 12 hour day I got used was to stock pizza in the background while the principle actors did their thing in the foreground. Yes! SCREEN TIME! I stocked like no other that day. I did get to dance with some of the directing staff to show a little bit of diversity in my style, and also sway them to think of me whenever they needed an employee in shot Yes, the ham in me does come out to play a lot in this movie!

In the holding area, the ususal things occurred like SOAP talk, complaints about feeding time/food quality/food coniditions, debating whether or not Oprah is evil, and the occasionaly checking of email through my laptop which is the only one there that has an internet connection (gotta love that mobile card!). We met a lot more of the extras that day since it seemed the movie was going for a marahon shooting schedule for some reason (yesterday was day 24 of 30 based on a schedule I saw). They brought everyone in just in case they could get to the next scene in time.

Since I had a show that night, I got to leave right after they announced that everybody had to stay until at least 10 PM. I got to leave at 7 PM and headed over to the second night of "The PeepHole". The play went just as well this time as last except we had a more receptive crowd this time. So, that put the entire cast into a better mood this time around. More people played with their parts since they were more comfortable with their roles and the crowd. I know that my part killed as soon as the announcements came on prior to the curtain opening. So, the crowd was like putty in my hand!

We celebrated afterwards at a local pub that falsley advertises an open kitchen. I was starving when I walked in a bit miffed that they closed the kitchen as I had walked in. Don't advertise unless you want to surprise, my brothas! Anyway, almost the entire cast was their with their friends and family. We danced, joked, and screamed at each other over the loud music. I left after 45 minutes because food was the foremost thing on my mind. Got me some Wendy's along the way home and ate it in the confines of my beautiful condo. Excellent!

Well, I've got to get ready for my Conservatory class. More to come!


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

On The Set - Day 1

I'm typing from the set of the major movie I'm on right now (I'll divulge details about the movie after they've wrapped up shooting). Yesterday was the first day of actually shooting me in scene! I've "worked" two other days getting fitted and photos taken for employee of the month. But yesterday was the time I actually got to do something - after sitting around for approximately 10 hours through out the day!

I got to push various shopping carts outside in the background of a geven scene. I felt good about my 10-12 takes. In some take,s the carts wouldn't roll correctly and I stood outside fighting them to get them to go which I'm sure will translate to comedic gold. On other takes, I didn't reset my carts in time so I had to improvise my reason for being out there. The whole time, it was raining on me! Good times!

The theme of our banter between takes (or while waiting to actually do something) was Snakes on a Plane. I won't go into the ridiculousness of SOAP but it sure made for a lot of comedy. We rewrote lyrics to reference SOAP (Baby Got Snakes, 867-5309 (SNAKES!), I Will Always Love - SNAKES!), we used SOAP to justify our actions, .e.g, "Why did you take that prop away from me?" Answer:"Snakes on a plane, bro". So, after hours of talking about it and making jokes, we convinced ourselves to go see the film! Excellent! 1 year's worth of studio marketing paid off!

We also played improv games while waiting like "1001". If you don't know how this game is played, it's very simple. Pick any ordinary object like a stapler. Then use that object to create a punchline following the format of:

"A thousand and one (objects) walk into a bar
The bartender says, 'Hey! We don't server your kind here!'
The thousand and one (objects) reply, 'Hey, why not?!'
And the bartender replies, (punchline)"

For example:
"A thousand and one staplers walk into a bar
The bartender says, 'Hey! We don't server your kind here!'
The thousand and one staplers reply, 'Hey, why not?!'
And the bartender replies, 'If you ever ask me that question again, I'ma punch two holes in ya!'"

Yes, good, geeky actor fun going on here!

It's Day 2 and we're hoping we're getting more camera time. We have almost the entire staff here for our fictional company showing up so chances are good. I've only been here 2.5 hours and I've got some new comedic ramblings to share! Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Age of Misinformation

I'm sitting here at home watching MSNBC's coverage of United Flight 923's emergency landing at Logan Airport due to an altercation onboard. In the span of 30 minutes, they have continually reported the "facts" about the incident. Granted, the "facts" have changed 40-50 times each time they report them!

At the beginning, it was an altercation between crew members on the flight. I was assured it was not related to terrorism. Then it was 3 passengers getting into fisticuffs. I was assured it was not related to terrorism. Then it was one lady going crazy and two other passengers trying to restrain her. Terrorism? Nope. Then the lady was drunk and psychotic and acted "suspiciously" (whatever that really means). Whew...excellent! Glad it was just a drunk person geeting crazy with the Cheeze Whiz on the plane...then we find out that she had a screwdriver, matches, mascara, and Heaven-forbid - VASELINE! Terrorism? I'm being told no. Uh oh. Then she mystically has a note that reads "Al Quaeda!". THE SMOKING GUN! Is it terrorism? Uh...well, let's go to our analyst Joe Blow for some analysis. Joe Blow analyzer says, "Yep...that's kinda weird. We don't know what size of the screwdriver she had, how the vaseline was brought on board, and what the note she has really said. It's too early for us to make any real assumptions."

*Cut to someone who will continue the story the anchor just gave*

"Yes! None of those items should've made it past screening! What are they doing there in London!?"

Then as I continue to watch and fight the urge to change the channel, I "find out" the lady is now claustrophobic! Holy smokes! If you are a clinical claustrophobe, why the hell would you put yourself on a plane?!

"Ooooh! Today is the day I decide to challenge and conquer my claustrophobia!"

WTF?! OK, so a drunk, agitated, psychotic claustrophobe with an affinity for Vaseline, matches, make-up, and Home Depot accessories gets herself on an enclosed plane, and wigs out 20 minutes before landing at their destination, thus, causing the plane to land early at another airport. Sounds like the end of the story there. I don't see a big deal. OH! WAIT! The note they reported earlier was actually some literature written in Arabic. Oh...and she wasn't drunk! She had a panic attack. Also, no one confirms that she had any of the things they said she did (apparently her Home Depot credit application got rejected). And the lady is 60 years old.

Terrorism? Well, no but yes but no and now maybe! The anchor now asks another new team, "What's the connection between this incident and what happened a few days ago?" The news person replies, "Essentially, nothing". The anchor then asks, "Yes, but isn't it strange that two incidents originating in the UK and planes happen within a week of each other?!" ARGH!

Nice to know there is no media bias. That's why I watch Fox News.

What's scarier? Snakes or seniles on a plane?

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Improvisation Olympics

So, yesterday I detailed my weekend of theatre. Due to the fact that I was doing stuff all weekend, I came fired up for my Conservatory class. I had good scenes the entire time! It was awesome! They were all funny and a bit crazy. I connected emitonally with my characters and made the scenes about the realationships between the characters. I brought it!

I then headed to my Salsation gig in the park. We got asked to perform at the Pilsen Art Fair on 18th and Damen. We were the closing act so we got to check out quite a few musicians singing everything from Spanish rockabilly to mariachi music. We asked the sound guys to mic the stage as best they could since it was an outdoor event and the stage consisted of two flatbed trailers put together with a buttload of mic cables strewn across the floor. We spent a lot of time warming up off to the side and reminding ourselves of how we wanted to conduct the show.

We hit the stage and watched the magic unfurl. We enacted scenes behind each one of us performing a monologue based on audience suggestion. A monologue would occur then 3-4 scenes based upon information in that monologue would be performed. Then another mologue would be given. As the 45 minute set went on, we all decided to act like monkeys (literally) on stage and end the show. After a warm reception from the crowd that sat 15-20 feet in front of the stage, we headed out to a Mexican restraunt (yes, I know...finding a Mexican restrant in Pilsen?!) and celebrated. As we walked around, kids would tell us "good yob" and act members to act like monkeys. It was a good time!

So, now I'm home and waiting for the casting director for the movie I'm on to call me up and change my shooting schedule around. Ahh, I believe I've medalled gold this weekend (I would normally want platinum...but you know how the Committee only give gold, silver, and bronze ).

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Closest Thing to Being Hung-over

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity. I had musical improv class from 1-4 PM which went really well. I'm having a good time singing with my buds and applying as many of the techniques from both acting side and the singing side as possible.

Then immediately after that, I went to a rehearsal for The PeepHole that started at 4:30 PM somewhere around Addision and Lincoln.. I had barely enough time to order food , eat it, and drive over there. We rehearsed the entire show there. I got the chance to talk about stand-up comedy with another comedian, learn the beginning of Respect by Erasure on guitar, and really connect with my character while doing my scene! Yeah! Once that was done, it was 6:30 PM.

I then had call time for the show at 8:00 PM. Since I already had a large lunch/dinner, eating more solids was out. So, I rolled over the Webster Place and hit up the Cold Stone Creamery for a little bit of an Oreo shake and then hit the Barnes & Nobles to check out the latest on recording magazines. After a short time, I got back into the car and got to Second City by 7:30 PM.

I sat in our holding area in the traning center for a while figuring out Respect in it's entirety while castmembers started showing up and prepping for the show. 8:00 rolled around and I finally suited up into my show clothes. The guitar was tuned up and the change of clothes in the show were prepped as well. I ran lines with my partner a few times and practiced our musical number as well. We hit the stage at 9 PM.

The show went REALLY quickly. We had a sold out house so that was fantastic! We had all kinds of crowd reactions from bewilderment to shock to awe to anger to laughter to admonishment. It's definitely a thinking person's show so I am confident that there is stuff that went on in the play where people wake up 2 days later at 2:34 AM going, "NOW I GET IT!". I received a lot of nice compliments from both the cast and various audience members on my performances which totally catered to my ego Granted, I felt the honesty in their feedback because I felt the things they said while I was up on stage.

We decided to have an opening night celebration at the director's house which went over well. I got to know many of my castmates in a much more personal way, thus, making the experience with them on stage more memorable. As the hours went, themore and more tired I became, thus, the more my inhibitions started slipping. I was talking mad, crazy stuff and being completely candid with a lot of people while avoiding putting my foot in my mouth . Everybody was cool! I ha da good time. 1 AM rolled around so I left and I drove home before the magic sand put me to sleep for good and I wreck my car.

I woke up early this morning (yes, 9 AM is early!) to claim my timesheet at work. LOL. I hope I got it in before they ran the reports . I've got class in 2.5 hours. My muscles are tight and my head is a sore. It was a good night.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Night Before the Show

I've been rehearsing almost every night for my upcoming show this weekend. Good news is that opening night is sold out! Whoo hoo! I feel I should be sleeping and resting up for my big day. I have musical improv in the early afternoon followed by a tops & bottoms rehearsal (yes, I truly do hope we get to just wear the tops and bottoms of our skivies!) followed by the actual show followed by a celebration party at someones house! Yet, I'm on Myspace writing to everyone willing to read about my exploits :) Oh well. At least I will be having a lot of fun!

For those of you coming out opening night, merci! For those of you still wanting to come and check it out, read the following flyer:

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