Monday, July 24, 2006

The Day After...

I enjoyed reading/watching the reactions of folks who couldn't get their fix of MySpeed. Being unplugged from Locutus of MySpace was defniitely a shock for a lot of people. I mean, people had to communicate the hard way like in the ancient days like using instant messaging programs, using their nubby little fingers on a cellphone for text messaging, picking up the phone to talk to each other, or *GASP! Heaven forbid!* actually having to be physically in front of someone to speak to them! Kids will be talking about this day to their grandchildren!

"Yep...mmmhmmm...I remember the Great Outage of 2006. It was a hot day...Jool-eye 26th...I reckon. Everythin' seemed fine and dandy, ya know? Ma knees started flarrin' up due to the hours of sittin' at the 'puter typin'. I knew somethin' was coming down the pike. *sigh* Little did we know how powerful electricity could be! Ya see, son, back then, we had to have electricity to keep everythin' in line...ta maintain people don't go wild in the streets! But nobody - I mean nobody - saw the magnitude of what was comin'! The hammer came down without warnin' and wiped us out! A whole lot o' people got hurt that day. *cough* Dem sonsofbitches...Yer granpappy had to wait for 6-8 hours 'fore he could add 500 random people as friends to his profile...I couldn't get ta my messages! Muh comments! It was like going blind...but online! I hope you'll never get to experience what I went through that day. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!"

It did, however, make me think to say, "Hey! I need to make a backup site just in case this happens again." I do have a lot of blogs up here I would like to keep as well as video and pictures. So, stay tuned for an announcement on the new backup site for this place!

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